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Divine Droplets CD release 2012

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Sequoia is the Goddess! –Rockin’ the grooves and bringing in devotional prayers from India to create a pleasing and upbeat musical journey through the Land of God, yogi-style. There is not one filler track on this album, it’s one tight band made up of Western jazz greats (Katisse Buckingham on jazz flute) and Indian maestros (Pandit Vikash Maharaj on sarod and Prabhash Maharaj on tabla). Instrumental sections are tasty and give you just the right amount of space before waiting for that glorious voice to come back and offer you more devotion. This album is aptly named – it is surely divine, and dripping with the sweetness that comes when you wait for the very best. Jai Ma Goddess! Rock on!

–Wah! (World Reknown Musical Artist, Author, and Teacher)